Healthcare, Mixed-Use, Resort, Real Estate & Investments
Welcome to the America Development & Investments, Ltd. website. Our purpose with this site is to give you a resource to learn more about America Development & Investments, Ltd. (ADI); our philosophy, development projects, and team. ADI is a niche-oriented, demographically driven development and investment company with a focus on healthcare, urban redevelopment, resort and lifestyle, real estate development and investment opportunities. For us, “demographically driven” means developing investment-quality real estate at the leading edge of our nation's medical needs and demands and finding projects that have the potential to create value and minimize risk in unique growth markets and communities. We also carefully analyze relocation and growth trends on where people will live and work in the future in order to maximize our opportunities for success. With over 70 million baby boomers heading for retirement, ADI is actively finding ways to incorporate the dynamics of this demographic shift into brick-and-mortar investment opportunities in healthcare, resort and mixed-use development.