The U.S. Memory Care Story

The U.S. Memory Care Story - Featuring Our Latest Community in Cedar ParkSee more of our newest community - Cedar Park

U.S. Memory Care was founded in 2011 by Jeffrey and Paula Jones. The company was founded based on two driving trends in the area of memory care.

1) Market demand — There is a growing population of people who currently or will soon need assisted living. Soon, over 10,000 seniors will reach the age of 65 each day.

2) Severe need — Quality memory care in assisted living communities is typically little more than an afterthought.

Our founders found that families and their loved ones were constantly struggling with the same issue—that the social, medical and safety needs of memory care residents were overlooked in general assisted living communities. Existing communities fell short in all areas, including care, programming, operation, and building design.

U.S. Memory Care was created with a passion for change and a vision for the future of memory care. We believe that expert memory care begins in the design of the building. A great building design has a profound effect, not only on how well a building can operate, but more importantly on how it can create a positive impact on those who use, live in, and are cared for within its walls. U.S. Memory Care communities are fully-dedicated memory care space—meaning we care only for memory care residents, and our buildings are designed with the care, everyday use and enjoyment of memory care residents as the top priority. Our buildings have the largest per resident square footage in all of fully dedicated, free-standing memory care. Our communities are also functional and welcoming gathering places for the residents’ families. In addition to our beautiful, comfortable resident apartments, each U.S. Memory Care community has a wonderful and secure Main Street complete with a 50’s style diner, theatre, music hall, hobby/activity room, and a hair and nail salon for the residents and families to enjoy.

Perhaps most importantly, U.S. Memory Care is driven by the passion of our founders to our dedicated and hard-working management and operations team of memory care professionals. These are the everyday heroes in our communities. We are dedicated to the commitment to bring the best memory care services to our special residents and their loving families.

U.S. Memory Care Developments

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